All for God's glory

.PrayerSalon believes its about giving back, that is why it teamed up with the ICU Foundation.  
The ICU Foundation's primary mission is to help those in need.  When life hits hard, as it often does, not many people are prepared. Rene has taken it upon himself to create a foundation that assists in that preparation.
Your donation will be saved up to create a storehouse for those individuals whom may be experiencing challenging times. Whether it's a shortage in rent, a medical bill or food for the month, the ICU Foundation is here to add general relief during those difficult times.  
The ICU Foundation core belief is, "you matter to me." 
If you feel that the ICU Foundation is a charity you can see yourself being a part of, please feel free to donate!  When you donate, you will receive a "foot washing" (John 13: 1-17) at PrayerSalon, it is our way of expressing just how humble and grateful we are for your support to this ministry.